Become a coach driver and more with Zeelo's driver school

Build a career you can be happy and proud of. Competitive pay, personal & career development & a great work-life-balance

What's in it for me

Attractive pay & benefits

Earn up to £45k being a driver. Paid internship with Zeelo during training. Bonuses for completion of milestones, with placements all over the UK available.

Development opportunities

All training is paid for by Zeelo. Career & personal development opportunities. Paid internship in operations/CS roles while in CPC training.

A great work-life balance

Connect with new people every day. Spend time with friends & family. The coaching industry is perfect fit for family life, with social working hours & conditions, regulated by the government.

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Get rewarded for driving with Zeelo

Earn up to £45K annually without having to double shifts.

During the 8 week driving training period, we offer a paid internship in our offices in the operations and customer service teams.

After you finish your training, we guarantee full-time work with a salary up to £45K for a period of two years, and unlike many other driving careers, all your fuel will be paid for. 

Start earning toward your pension. There are driving opportunities all over the UK, so no need to relocate. 

Great development opportunities

We want to invest in you. Our two-year program will allow you to enter the bus & coach driver profession at our expense. A challenging and exciting career awaits!

We’ll pay for all your driver training (CPC) costs, including all DVLA registration fees for the first year. During your two years of driving experience time, you'll be a part of Zeelo’s learning and development program. This includes both driver-specific training and Zeelo’s company-wide L&D offer.




The perfect work-life balance

Build a professional career while maintaining a great work-life balance. People love the sociable nature of being a bus or coach driver. Your day to day allows you to connect with people from all walks of life while you get to enjoy the independence and freedom of driving.

Plenty of time for friends and family. The coach industry is a perfect fit for family life, with social working hours and working conditions, regulated by the government. 


Opportunities to work for the likes of

Why should I become a coach driver?

A good salary

Earn up to £45k a year, and start earning towards your pension and all fuel is paid for

Personal development

Grow your career with personal development opportunities available with Zeelo

Free training

Zeelo will cover all the costs of your training while you become a coach driver

Build your career

A career that can take you anywhere in the country! A skill that is huge demand

Work-life balance

No more long underpaid hours. The coach industry is a sociable and family-friendly industry

Internship opportunities

During your training, you will have the chance for a paid internship with Zeelo in their head office

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