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How Zeelo can help your council

End-to-End Transportation Management

We manage the setup and daily operations of both tech and operational transport services with a dedicated operation executive and 24/7 live-operations teams. In 2021 the team successfully managed over 1,000,000 passengers.

Marketing that Increases Ridership

Our in-house marketing team is on hand to promote the service. They are highly experienced in reaching riders and growing demand for services for over 100 clients across the UK.

Rider Focused DRT Technology

DRT technology that prioritises riders. We allow both pre-scheduled and on-demand bookings, via a branded mobile app and website and via phone through our in-house customer service team.

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DRT technology 

A Mobility platform that manages transportation requests from multiple passengers headed in different directions with a free-floating fleet of vans and minibuses.

Journeys are performed based on both pre-booking and on-demand booking, with customizable prioritisation between the options. Passengers can book and manage their rides through client branded mobile apps (iOS & Android) and designated websites, and are able to track current, future and past rides at every step of the way. 

Our journeys and performance data is monitored 24/7 through the driver app and management module to ensure changes and improvements are made as soon as possible. 

Adaptive transportation

Zeelo’s solution flexes according to public needs, responding to changing demand and various trip type requirements. 

Working with over 200 operator partners across the UK, we’re able to match demand by adding or reducing operators on a need basis, allowing us to deal with changing demand throughout the year. Adding operators, preferably local SME operators, can be done through Zeelo's training and onboarding team.

Working with businesses and schools, serving over 100 clients on a daily basis, we’re able to offer a ‘Fixed Route’ solution side-by-side with the DRT technology, leading to a ‘bottom-up’ total transportation solution. For business parks as an example, this allows a bus-based fixed-line commute solution in peak commute time, followed by a van-based DRT solution throughout the day, allowing us to reach efficiencies and cost-saving.

Innovative, Customizable Payment Solutions for Staff

Our routes are built around your data to ensure efficient and affordable transport. Staff can provide feedback 24/7 to our team who will work to ensure our routes are as efficient as possible. 

Staff can book and manage their rides through the Zeelo app & website. With our flexible booking system, you have the option to split costs with staff.

Our app allows for direct and instant booking and cancellation.

Customer Service

Zeelo has a world-class in-house 24/7 customer care service and live-ops centre. Our team is available via the phone, webchat, social media or email, whenever an issue or question may arise. 

Our customer care services manage all passenger related needs, while our live-ops centre track daily transportation operations with drivers. Riders can track their journeys using our passenger apps, while all our services are monitored by our live operations team to ensure our high standards are adhered to. 

We're very proud of our service rating of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot.



Meet your transport management partner

Effective Communications to Residents

In-house communications & PR team designed to assist with messaging to your council’s residents.

Increase Rider Satisfaction

Surveys are done after each trip, with a monthly deeper NPS survey, analysed by our in-house team for continuous improvement of the service.

Addressing Businesses and Schools

Zeelo works with >100 across the UK. We’re able to connect DRT schemes to local organisations, creating a bottom-up ‘total transport’ solution.

Answer to Peak Time Demand

Zeelo works with over 200 bus, coach and vehicle operators across the UK, covering the whole UK. We’re able to onboard local SME operators to manage peak demand.

Carbon Neutral Services

We’re 100% carbon neutral, allowing the council to offset its DRT transportation emissions. In 2021 we saved our clients over 12 tonnes in CO2 emissions.

Dedicated Customer Service

In-house 24/7 customer service dedicated to serving riders. We answer >3,000 calls and make calls >5,000 a week with a CSAT score of over 90% and TrustPilot score of 4.8/5.

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