A fully managed electric commuter bus service for your employees

Be one of the first in the UK to go green, with Net Zero Commuting! Improve staff recruitment, reach sustainability goals and free up car park space with Zeelo.

Electric Vehicle + Charging point

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Reach Your Sustainability Goals

Reduce parking and congestion issues around your site and reach your sustainability goals. By running just one service with us, we could save you up to 5 tonnes of CO2 a month. 

In 2021, we saved our clients over 12,560,000kg in CO2 emissions in total. That's the equivalent of planting 583,954 trees.



Hassle-free fully managed electric service

Be one of the first in the world to give your employees and business a Net Zero Commute. 

There's no need to worry about anything with Zeelo's fully managed service. We have all the complicated bits covered, such as managing charging infrastructure and range limitations.  

Meet your transport management partner

Parking & Congestion

Tackle congestion and parking issues around your site. 1 Zeelo removes around 30 cars from your car park and off the road saving even more CO2.

Recruitment & Retention

Our smart routing allows companies to capture new recruitment pools and provide efficient commuting options to staff, leading to improved retention.

24/7 Customer Support

Human support on the phone and on live chat for both our clients and their employees.

Trees Planted

We'll help you reach your sustainability targets by removing cars and demonstrating the resulting CO2 savings. Every 22kg of CO2 saved is the equivalent of 1 tree planted.


Transparent and actionable reporting is available to provide insights into how the service is performing and what changes to make.

Live Tracking & Ticketing

Riders can track their ride for the duration of the journey. Riders can book tickets via our website & apps (iOS & Android)

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