'The Right to Commute'

At Zeelo, we believe in a sustainable & equitable future for all our stakeholders. Our Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance policies are set to address our beliefs and we are excited to share those with you.

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Environmental The Right to Commute emissions-free. We are committed to a zero-emissions fleet in developed countries by 2030 and in emerging markets by 2035.


Social The Right to an equitable and safe commute. Providing increased access to employment and protecting the safety of our riders.


Corporate Governance The Right to commute in an ethical company & supply chain.

GHG emissions saved

From July 2020 to June 2021 Zeelo saved over 5,300 tons of GHG. From July-December 2021 we estimate a further saving of 7,000 tons of GHG.

Cars off the road

From Jan.-Sept. 2021 we were able to get 4,550 people away from cars into a shared solution; up from 3,683 in 2020. These people represent multiple trips, as one each person travels to work an average of 250 days.

Access to employment

During January - September 2021 we were able to empower 6,349 employees to arrive at work without the use of a private car, improving their access to employment and minimizing their car dependency.


We are the 1st global bus platform to offer 100% carbon neutral services

Zeelo offers 100% carbon neutral services. Working with CNaught, we measure and offset Zeelo’s GHG emissions, delivering our clients and riders carbon-neutral emission-free transportation services.

Zeelo has over 100K monthly rides. But taking people out of single-occupancy vehicles and onto shared-mass transportation is not enough for our sustainable mission. Most vehicles, especially buses & coaches, are predominantly run on ICE engines. We decided to go a step further and offset our GHG transportation emissions.

Together with CNaught, we’ve calculated our transportation services emissions, to be able to offset those services and offer truly carbon-neutral services. For more on how we did it, visit our blog post on: “Zeelo’s Road to Carbon Neutrality”.


We're committed to have a Net Zero fleet by 2030

We are committed to providing Net Zero-emission transportation services in developed markets by 2030 and in emerging markets by 2035.

Zeelo is an asset-light company; meaning, we don't own buses or coaches and rely on our transportation partners, mostly coach operators, to switch to electric (net zero) fleets.

To assist the industry in its drive to become electric and to mitigate challenges associated with electric vehicles deployment, we created a scheme that allows operators an easier adoption of electric vehicles. Leading with long-term client contracts, partnering with bus & coach importers and with charging and financing companies, we assist operators to make the transition to electric far easier than if they had to do it themselves.

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We tackle the single-occupancy vehicle commute challenge 

Offering a shared mobility solution to replace single-occupancy vehicles (SOV), contributing to a sustainable modal shift.

In the US, 85% of workers typically travel to work by car. Of those, 89% commute alone, creating a mass of SOVs. Bottom line, 76% of US employees drive to work in an SOV, contributing negatively to GHG emissions and to congestion.

Today, in the US, 22%of all CO2 emissions come from road vehicles, namely cars. By reducing the number of cars used for commuting and of the number of SOVs, we can dramatically reduce emissions.


We support the social mobility of our riders

Access to transportation is essential for employment. Zeelo supports households with one car or less to have access to transportation, allowing for increased social mobility.

There are countless studies on the relationship between access to employment and employment opportunities; this is called the “Transportation Mismatch Hypothesis”. These studies have shown that transportation can be a barrier to employment opportunities and that having reliable quality transportation can improve employment opportunities by up to 13.5 times. You can read more about it here.





We support the wellbeing and personal development of our people

Our people are what makes Zeelo great. We’ve held strong through the pandemic and were able to grow by 600% since the beginning of the pandemic.

Personal development: We invest in personal development plans to help employees reach their full potential through skills, competencies and behaviour programs. Our talent programs are transparent and tailored to individual needs. 

Employee wellbeing: We recognise the importance of mental wellbeing and have an Employee Assistance Program available to all our employees 24/7, to help support them if they may be experiencing mental health problems. Additionally, we offer a range of wellbeing sessions available including Yoga, mindfulness and meditation classes.



We support small family owned businesses to grow

Our transportation partners are mostly family-owned small businesses. We keep Zeelo asset-light and partner with coach operators to supply our transportation services, creating a win-win situation for all. In the US, UK and South Africa we’ve partnered with over >100 suppliers. 

To further help our partner operators through the driver shortage, we’ve developed a program designed to introduce new drivers to our gold operator partners at cost, allowing them to better utilize their fleets, helping us both keep services to Zeelo’s clients uninterrupted by the driver shortage.



We take great lengths to protect our riders

Our riders are our most important asset. We are committed to provide a safe, accessible and reliable service. 

At Zeelo, we have a 24/7 live-operations customer service, designed to answer any operational challenge. Our policies ensure that all our services are safe for our riders and that no one is left behind or is vulnerable at any stage. 

Zeelo serves a large number of schools and children, and special attention is given to our school runs, to maintain the safety of our young riders. Our policies include “Child Protection Policy”, “Safeguarding” and “Accessibility in Operations” and they are updated constantly to provide the safest experience possible for all.



Zeelo SA is a  level 1 B-BBEE contributor

Our South African entity is a 51% black-owned business with 135% B-BBEE recognition level.

This certification is a result of our partnership with EDT Trust, the charitable trust that aims to have a positive impact on our country’s social and economic growth and Double X Investment Holdings, who strive to make a significant impact on the economy by contributing towards furthering the futures of other women in business.

As a company, Zeelo remains committed to creating sustainable value for our partners and clients, while driving inclusion and economic empowerment in South Africa.


Zeelo is an ethical company

We are an integral part of our community and operate with honesty and integrity to all our stakeholders.  

Zeelo has multiple policies designed to keep the organisation ethical and transparent; these include  “Anti Bribery and Corruption”, “Anti Fraud”, “Equality and Diversity”, “Whistleblowing”, “Modern Slavery and Trafficking” and many more. 

Our Board of Directors is active in keeping Zeelo’s Corporate Governance relevant for the organisation's growth and in line with the needs of all our stakeholders.


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