Give your employees & business sustainable transportation

Reach sustainability goals, improve staff recruitment, and free up car park space.


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Our client's services are 100% carbon neutral

Yes, 100% carbon neutral at no extra cost to you! We offset all our emissions through our work with ClimatePartnerReach Your Sustainability Goals. By running just one service with us, we could save you up to 5 tonnes of CO2 a month. Reduce parking and congestion issues around your site and reach your sustainability goals. 

In 2021, we saved our clients over 12,000 tons in CO2 emissions in total. That's the equivalent of planting 583,945 trees. 

Zeelo is also running electric shuttles, to give you the option of a Net Zero Commute.

Empty your car park! 

One Zeelo removes 30 cars on average* giving you space to grow your business and heavily reduce congestion in the area.

Our routes are built around your data to ensure we serve as many of your employees as possible. Staff can provide feedback 24/7 to our team who will work to ensure our routes are as efficient as possible. 

Our app allows for direct and instant booking and cancellation.

"Zeelo removes 300 cars a day from our car park which has allowed our site to operate as without any disruption" - Travel to work team JLR



Attract New Staff

Provide a dedicated bus service to attract and access new employee pools to your site. Routes built around your data to ensure efficient and affordable transport. 

Have a site outside of an urban area? Use Zeelo to improve recruitment by tapping into new employee pools. 

Zeelo adds flexibility to staff transport and allows you to successfully manage peak periods

Meet your transport management partner

Route Design

Save time and reduce management costs. With ongoing route planning and marketing to ensure you serve the most employees.

24/7 Customer Support

Human support on the phone and on live chat for both you and your staff.

Sustainability Goals

In 2021, we saved our clients over 12,000 tons in CO2 emissions in total. That's the equivalent of planting 583,954 trees.


Transparent and actionable reporting is available to provide insights into how the service is performing and what changes to make.

Live Tracking & Ticketing

Both client and staff can track their ride for the duration of the journey. Employees can book tickets via our website & apps (iOS & Android).

Safety Measures

We ensure services are as safe as possible with a range of measures implemented such as; contract tracing, deep cleaning, driver PPE.

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